Our work with national brand agency Ember on a video for the Great Waters Music Festival in
New Hampshire’s Lakes Region was meant to inspire participation and giving, as well as simple
appreciation for the little festival that could. Combining gorgeous fly-over views of the region’s
majestic mountain settings with intimate chats with folks on the ground, the video takes
viewers through the festival’s history, from DIY project to world-class performance series in a
stunning new venue, Castle in the Clouds.



Saucony’s Run for Good campaign is all about the difference running can make in the lives of
everyone, not just elite athletes, so we needed to keep it real with this project. Working with
national brand agency Ember, we took viewers behind the scenes of the video creation
process—the crew, the setups, the chats between takes—as a way to reveal the personalities of
a group of ordinary yet extraordinary runners, delivering the inspiration Saucony wanted to
convey. We still tear up at this one.




To promote its “Smart Leadership through the Power of AI” program for executives, the
Stanford Center for Professional Development wanted to engage participants drawn to AI’s
potential and open to innovation, not necessarily those with technical backgrounds. With
strategic interviews and glimpses into classroom settings and course activities, our video
presents the program as welcoming and approachable, while also capturing the excitement of
being on a celebrated campus, learning from the best of the tech best.