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My Professional Journey


Growing up in Biddeford, Maine, I was obsessed with filming things. At birthday parties and family vacations I always had a video camera in my hand. School project? I’d do a video. Honestly, I never grew out of it. As a Communications major at Endicott College, I had the incredible good fortune to intern at Maysles Films, learning from the true master of documentary films, Albert Maysles. He showed me the power of telling real stories about real people, a lesson that has stuck with me throughout my career. 

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As a Production Assistant on “MTV’s The Real World: Washington, DC,” I dove into the fast-paced world of a reality TV production crew, learning to problem-solve and think on my feet. When the season wrapped, I returned to Maine and reconnected with a friend, Jamie Gagnon, owner of Lasting Memories Videotaping, a wedding video production company. Jamie became a mentor, sharing his years of experience, showing me how to run a business and how to care for clients. Specializing in weddings is no easy task. Filming the most important day of someone’s life is a ton of pressure! But it taught me the importance of being prepared, communicating with clients, and over-delivering on a final product. It’s also a huge test of creativity: Weddings essentially have the same storyline. I learned to make each one special by truly getting to know the people involved.

In 2015 I became head of the company—renamed LMV Productions and based in Newburyport, Mass.—and began to bring my varied experience to an expanded client base. I’m excited to continue building our portfolio of corporate shoots, commercials, and live event coverage, while remaining focused on building relationships, telling stories, and keeping pace with this ever-changing industry.

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And, yes, I’m still happiest behind a camera on location—thinking on my feet, handling the unexpected, and getting creative in the moment. Off the job, you’ll find me with my amazing wife, Heather, exploring the North Shore or taking our Boston Whaler to the backside of Plum Island so our black lab, Desmond, can swim after a tennis ball for hours.

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