Monday Morning Vendor Highlight – Ann Barbi Travel Solutions (New Hampshire’s Premiere Travel Agent)

Every Monday we are going to be featuring a short Q & A with a local vendor who we love to work with and is, all around, awesome; and this week it’s New Hampshire Travel Agent specialist Ann Barbi Travel Solutions

Q: What was it about Weddings that made you get in the industry?
A. Frankly, Travel Agencies were a far diff’t industry in 1981 than today. I took the job ‘temporarily’ until I cld find a career utilizing my Marketing degree.

But it was that very first ‘fam trip’ whisking me away with other travel professionals that led me to see the vast potential in my ‘temporary’ position. Became hooked on the workings of this intricate, demanding, ever changing and fast paced business. Felt I could be of welcome assistance to many travelers.

With all the industry changes over the past 30+ yrs., I’ve become even more of a dedicated advocate. I ensure that my clients’ select the best match for their vacation vision and keep on budget in order to experience the world’s best destinations at hassle free!

Q: If money were no object, what would you do for a day?
A: Head to Rome (or Paris!) for a scrumptious dinner and to enjoy a romantic stroll after to view the city lights and ancient sights.  

Q: What is your favorite family vacation memory?
A: With limited funds, family vacations were either spent at my Grandmother’s in Gettysburg, PA or a run down Victorian hotel at the Jersey shore. While both hold extremely happy memories, they were quite limited and repetitive. A deep curiosity of the world led me to seek out greater travel experiences during my last 2 yrs of collage and continued ever since. 

Q: What song would you sing at Karaoke & why?
A: You really don’t want to hear me sing! It closely resembles the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard! 

Q: Tell me 5 things I would see when I walk into your office. 
A: Maps, reference materials, a computer, interesting and original art/photos, and a little black dog napping next to my desk. 

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