Monday Morning Vendor Highlight – New Hampshire’s premiere DJ Service, Main Event Entertainment

Every Monday we are going to be featuring a short Q & A with a local vendor who we love to work with and is, all around, awesome; and this week it’s New Hampshire’s DJ specialist Joey Dion of Maine Event Entertainment

Q: What was it about Weddings that made you get in the industry?
A.  I started out as a weddding/function hall bartender. Weddings were my favorite functions because I could always feel a sense of family and the guests always seemed the happiest at weddings. I loved to watch the DJs motivate audiences and noticed how some DJs would energize audiences to a frenzy and others just sat in a chair and smoked cigarettes waiting for something to happen. (yes you could smoke cigarettes at a wedding then, even during dinner!)  I was always dancing and clapping behind the bar when the dancing started which lead to my getting recruited by a DJ Company. 22 years as a Professional DJ and Weddings are still my favorite type of Event.

Q: If money were no object, what would you do for a day?
A: Throw a huge party for everyone I know with priceless gift bags containing each guests fantasy gift. Dirty Heads and Gogol Bordello would play some music sets.

Q: What is your favorite family vacation memory?
A: Our first Disney Vacation. We stayed at the Contemporary and were allowed to stay in the park late and go in before general admission because we could walk to the hotel. We felt like rock stars. Plus the hoopty doo review dinner/show!

Q: What song would you sing at Karaoke & why?
A: Folsom Prison Blues…because it feels good.

Q: Tell me 5 things I would see when I walk into your office. 
A: 1. Photographs of fun, happiness and excitement. 2. DJ system and Speaker. 3. Photobooth 4. Kristin, Samantha or Me. 5. Lounge couches and high top bar tables.