Monday Morning Vendor Highlight – Jardiniere Flowers (New Hampshire’s Premier Wedding Florist)

Every Monday we are going to be featuring a short Q & A with a local vendor who we love to work with and is, all around, awesome; and this week it’s New Hampshire premier florist Jardiniere Flowers

Q: What was it about Weddings that made you get in the industry?
A.   I love to make beautiful things even more beautiful . … and what is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day? Nothing! I do however, also appreciate the smiles from the bride’s parents and the groom – Jardiniere gets to be part of  the celebration of their marriage .. and the memories of that day

Q: If money were no object, what would you do for a day?
A: I would work with a team of landscape architects and landscape companies to perfect my gardens,,and if the 24 hours included sme night time, I would sit in an observatory and look about our universe, various constellations, dark matter and listen to astronomers as they discussed planets, stars, supernovas and our exquisite moon. 24 hours well spent! And to do that I would have a sitter that my 3 dogs would adore! My husband would be with me every minute of this so we could enjoy it together and then talk about it  after. We could  make the memory come alive whenever we wanted ! Fantastic!

Q: What is your favorite family vacation memory?
A: The first time our two daughters skiied down a hill without falling – what a day!

Q: What song would you sing at Karaoke & why?<
A: I would sing “celebrate me home” by kenny loggins to myself in my car – no karaoke, thank you 🙂 

Q: Tell me 5 things I would see when I walk into your office. 
A: A beautiful picture of a smiling bride holding her bouquet taken by Mac Photography, orchid plants (I just love them), my new 2 in 1 pc, various containers for centerpieces and a dog crate for when I bring along Tink, Nellie or Duke

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